O.J. Simpson released from Nevada prison

Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was released from prison early Sunday morning after serving nine years of a 33-year sentence in the Nevada Department of Corrections for armed robbery and kidnapping,

Brooke Keast — a spokeswoman for the Nevada Department of Corrections — told CNN that Simpson, 70, was released from prison shortly after midnight Sunday to avoid a media frenzy.

Back in July, a Nevada parole board voted to release Simpson.

Simpson was initially arrested for his involvement in a dispute concerning memorabilia at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino in 2007. He said items were stolen from him and went to retrieve them with some of his associates that were armed and that he claimed he didn’t know.

“the trial of the century”: Simpson played in the NFL from 1969-1979 with Bills and 49ers. In 1994, he was a murder suspect in the killing of Nicole Brown Simpson (ex-wife) and Ron Goldman.

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