Surgery to stabilize spinal injury on Steelers LB Ryan Shazier

On the first offensive possession of the game for the Cincinnati Bengals, linebacker Ryan Shazier of the Pittsburgh Steelers appeared to suffer a serious back injury on an attempt to make a tackle. He was later taken to the hospital.

What’s the latest on his condition? The team announced Thursday that Shazier underwent surgery to address the injury.

Thursday, Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler said via the Post-Gazette, “I’m not worried about him playing for us again, I’m more worried about him. Y’all have been updated as much as we have. The thing that we’re hopeful for and prayerful for is that he comes back and he’ll be OK. The football stuff is secondary. His life is a lot more important to me than football.”

On Wednesday, the Steelers announced that Shazier returned to Pittsburgh, where he will continue to be under medical evaluation for his spinal injury.

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