” I feel I’m worth more than what they are offering me.”

Already being one of the highest paid RB, Le’veon Bell feels he is worth more. Bell didn’t sign the multi-year contract offer the Pittsburgh Steelers placed on the table ahead of Monday’s deadline for franchise tag players to ink long-term deals.

Bell did not say specifically what type of deal was on the table, or what numbers he was looking for in a new contract.

“We do everything: We block, we run, we catch the ball. Our value isn’t where it needs to be. I’m taking it upon myself to open up some eyes and show the position is more valuable,” Bell said.

Bell’s $12.1 million contract figure is more than $4 million more than the next closest running back LeSean McCoy at $8 million per year.

The RB doesn’t want to play for any team but the Steelers, but until he signs the tender, he’s under no obligation to attend practices. #levonbell #steelers